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Hello! And welcome to AI Art Shop, I'm so happy that you are here!

My name is Michael Lacy and I am a creative technologist who has spent the past 20 or so years building innovative technology platforms largely focused on delivering experiences that make people happy :)


AI Art Shop is an experiment to explore the uncanny valley that exists at the intersection of machine creativity and our perception of what constitutes art.

If 'art' is the result of a creative process molding something new from past experience, then AI can certainly be thought of as an artist.

Whether or not it's really 'art' though, I think, is up to you :)

I look forward to the conversation.  All the best!



MIT Technology Review: Machine Creativity Beats Some Modern Art


Images generated by StyleGAN

Fake News generated by Grover

StyleGAN training tips courtesy of @gwern - Making Anime Faces with StyleGAN